Questions About The Kits

How long do the Cocktail Mixes last for?
Generally, as long as they are refrigerated, they will last one week.

Does my kit need to be refrigerated? 
While not all of the components do, the Cocktail Mixes and any herbs in the kit do need to be refrigerated – as mentioned on the bottle label J. If you forget to refrigerate your mixes we will not provide complimentary replacements – you will need to re-order the mix only.

Are your products gluten free?
Our mixes, bitters and garnishes are gluten free. While distilled alcohol is technically gluten free, as gluten does not pass through the distillation process, there can be traces of gluten from cross contamination within a distilling facility. All whiskies are made from grain as are most vodkas and gins – do what you’re comfortable with. 

Do you have vegan options?
Most of our cocktail kits are vegan friendly, however, don’t order any of our cocktails that contain honey (i.e. High Tea). For our frothy cocktails like the Cedar Sour, we use a Vegan Foamer.

Questions About Ordering

How far in advance can I order?
You can order as far in advance as you’d like! We will make the mixes fresh on the date that you selected.

What’s the fastest I can order?
For pick-up orders, you can order up to 9:00pm the day before. For deliveries, you can order before 12:00 pm noon the day before your preferred delivery date.

If I’m buying a gift for a friend, can I send it as a surprise?
Yes, you can, however, they will be notified on the date of delivery that they are receiving a package (and also must be home to receive it on your selected delivery date). When checking out, please provide your friend’s phone number so we are able to notify them about the delivery.

Questions About Delivery

How much is delivery?
We have a flat rate of $6.99 within our Home Zone (3km from our Commissary located at #100 - 177 West 7th Avenue). After that we charge $2.25/km ($1.50 delivery fee + $0.75 gas surcharge). Pick-ups are free! 

What is your delivery radius?
We deliver up to 50km from our Commissary located at #100 - 177 West 7th Avenue.

If I miss my delivery, can you re-deliver my kit(s)?
Yes, we can re-deliver your kit the next day, but you will need to pay a new delivery charge. 

What happens if I accidentally provide you with the wrong delivery address?
Your kit will be returned to our Commissary and you will need to pick up your order. 

Can I change my delivery date if something comes up?
Yes, as long as you give us 24 hours notice, we can change your delivery date.

Can I change my delivery address?
Yes, you can change the delivery address, however you may need to pay an additional fee for the difference in distance between the original address and revised address.

Can you ship to other areas in BC outside your delivery radius or the rest of Canada?
Please contact us at orders@barcart.ca for more information about this.